Ball Washer Reviews

Everything on this page is just the opinion of Geo Plebe...and ONLY Geo Plebe.

  Course Rating Notes
Golf Ball WasherWheeling Park1*No washers. Left my balls dirty and disgusting.*

*It has been noted that some of the carts had washers on the carts.
Also noted that Geo Plebe was willing to pay for ball washing services.
Golf Ball WasherElks CC5My balls were spit and polished well at all times.
Golf Ball WasherCreekside5My balls are clean.
Golf Ball WasherEsquire3My balls were only serviced on one hole.
When your game is down and dirty, you need more than that!
Golf Ball WasherGreen Hills5My balls are clean.
Golf Ball WasherGolden Bear5+Ball washing experience with a personal touch. So good I will not have my balls washed by anyone else.
Golf Ball WasherLakeside5My balls are clean.
Golf Ball WasherLittle Creek5+The foaminess left my ball cleaning with a happy ending.
Golf Ball WasherRiverside5My balls are clean.
Golf Ball WasherRiviera5My balls are clean.
Golf Ball WasherWoodridge5My balls are clean.