GOBA Approved Excuses

All excuses must be approved by the GOBA Exceptional Circumstances Committee before use.

Excuse Situation Notes
I screwed up my back last week picking up a case of beer.Chunk; Topped Shot
A squirrel ran in front of my ball in my backswing!Chunk; Topped Shot
That rough is ridiculous.Inability to advance ball
I need to re-grip these clubs.Chunk; Topped Shot
Thanks for talking in my backswing.Chunk; Topped Shot; Hook; Slice
My back foot slipped.Hook; SliceOpens door to follow-up bad back excuse.
My tords are all screwed up.Hook; Slice
I haven’t figured out these new clubs yet.Chunk; Topped Shot; Hook; Slice
I can’t putt on these greens.Your normal bad putting
I'm upset about the golf ball that busted my back window.AnythingBest when accompanied by whining about your insurance company.
Went for the extra 10.Hook; Slice